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Heritage and Queensland Restorations

Heritage homes and the historic beauty of the Queenslander can be enlivened to their yesteryear glory and charm again with a fresh coat of paint.

It is not enough to just slap some point on and hope of the best. To achieve the best results and restore these gems to their former beauty requires skill and know-how gained though proven experience and tried and tested methods. Refreshed Coatings are highly experienced heritage restoration specialists.

Over time an older house will bear the brunt of weather and lifestyle, and as the timber is continually moving, it is important to determine your painting needs and options to suit your budget. A thorough inspection of your heritage home will identify any defects, or in the case of Queenslanders, any gaps, chips or wear requiring particular attention.

We know what is required to enhance your home, from smaller paint jobs to restore or match existing areas, to full home restorations - giving your home a face-lift and bringing her cham and elegance back to life and making her the beauty of your street.

Refreshed Coatings understand that restoring your home is a lifelong decision, and to ensure your investment is realised, we guarantee our work entriely and provide written warranties up to 15 years. Refreshed Coatings is licensed and accredited across the industry and retains all necessary insurances to minimise risks and give you peace of mind.

Innovation is a big part of our growth of knowledge. Staying ahead of trends and technology has resulted in Refreshed Coatings being the first painters in Australia to be able to offer a 15 year written warranty for anti-fading products.

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